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10 Nets of Kiln Dried Ash - £7.88 each

10 Nets of Kiln Dried Ash - £7.88 each


Our Kiln Dried Hardwood Ash is dried to less than 18% moisture and cut to 25cm (10 inch) lengths. Each net is 45cm x 55cm in size and contains 8-14 logs depending on the size of the individual log.


Kiln Dried Ash is considered to be the ultimate of hardwood’s for burning. Giving off a healthy glow and fantastic heat, Kiln Dried Ash is the choice for many homes around Cornwall. It is slightly more expensive than Silver Birch but it is considered the best firewood.


Once lit the coals remain hot for a long time making it ideal for burning through the day. You’ll actually use less of these logs, compared to other drying methods and types of wood, due to their high heat output.


Once delivered, you should store your logs somewhere out of the rain and mizzle to ensure they remain as dry as possible.

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